In this punchy portrait of a young oldies disc jockey, readers witness the beginning of the end of the radio we had come to love.

In the years before corporations neutered and nearly eliminated the on-air personality, a young Las Vegas college student strives to triumph in an industry that he has cherished since childhood. Seeking to impress his bosses, however, David Himmel’s Dr. Dave Maxwell participates in dismantling his own profession, while at the same time navigating a diminishing gauntlet of local celebrity status. Whether using the company credit card to purchase hookers for a guitar legend or avoiding being destroyed by a troubling co-worker girlfriend, Dr. Dave finds himself barely surviving at the margins of a compressed and morally compromised line of work that never quite loves him back.

People are saying things about The Last DJ

Fun! Funny! Awkward! Terrifying!
“You don't have to be in radio to appreciate the author's tale of going from wide-eyed innocent to disenchanted corporate drone. Oftentimes laugh-out-loud funny, plenty awkward and packed with jaw-dropping tales of things that could only happen in Vegas. One complaint? Only 117 pages. I didn't want it to stop.”
—Mitch K.

“I just finished The Last DJ and I can tell you it was pure joy to read. Constant laughter! Author David Himmel painted such beautiful picture throughout the entire book I felt like I was right there on all his escapades.”
—Elie M.

Dark humor, great characters
I really enjoyed this book. The author has a twisted sense of humor and I lost track of how many times I laughed out loud. It paints a Technicolor picture of a time (like, right before Jack FM) and place (Vegas, but the endearing locals' version) as a radio DJ hones his craft, finds his voice and questions all of the above.”
—Kathleen S.

On-air with The Last DJ

David and Car Con Carne host, James VanOsdol chowing down.

David and Car Con Carne host, James VanOsdol chowing down.

David joins Car Con Carne host James VanOsdol for a few delicious tacos from Turbo Taco to chat about David’s book The Last DJ. Also discussed: Breaking Bad’s one bad episode, the perils of of an office romance, Chicago taverns, and an unabashed love for radio, of course.

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David and Chicago’s The Morning AMp host, Jill Hopkins, discuss the always fun but sometimes depressing radio industry, their shared affection for Mary Wilson of the Supremes, and other thrilling things.


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