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Literate Ape co-editors Don Hall and David Himmel break down the issues of the day and dole out unsolicited opinions about everything.

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POLITICO Focus: Medicaid Explained

David was the voice for this special report from POLITICO Focus and Providence St. Joseph Health. He hosted a special episode of “POLITICO’s Pulse Check” podcast as well as provided the script and narration for the accompanying animated video short.

The Defeated

An irreverently comedic webseries. Some guys find a way to win. These are not those guys. Join Mike and Jack and the downward spiral that is their life. They are the defeated.

Episode 1 — Starring Jason Harris and David Himmel. Written and directed by Jason Harris.

Episode 4 — Starring Jason Harris and David Himmel. Written and directed by Jason Harris.

Episode 10 — Starring Christina Balonek, Jason Harris and David Himmel. Written and directed by Jason Harris.

Episode 11 — Starring Jason Harris and David Himmel. Written and directed by Jason Harris.

Greetings! From Prison

Starring: Rusty Schwimmer, Tommy Beardmore, Joey Romaine, Gregory Hollimon, more.
Written by: David Himmel
Created by: Tommy Beardmore & Chris Pagnozi
Produced by: Backyard Adventure Club
Directed by: Matthew Mann

A 10-episode award-winning web series.
Outstanding Comedy Writing — L.A. Web Fest
Award of Excellence in a Web Series — IndieFest Film Awards
Outstanding Series Premise, Nominee — L.A. Web Fest
Outstanding Comedy Series, Nominee — L.A. Web Fest
Best Web Series, Nominee — Idyllwild Festival of Cinema
Official Selection — Nashville Int'l Film Festival
Official Selection — KWebFest: Seoul, South Korea

Michael's delusional mother stops by for her first visit. Despite her only son being imprisoned, she's quite optimistic. That is until he betrays the family name by denouncing a family-favorite game show. Starring Rusty Schwimmer, Tommy Beardmore, Frank Leyden and Rico Palomino.

Warden Belding overhears Carl and Vick's plan for a secret Klan rally, but he quickly learns to never judge a book by its cover. Which is quite ironic if you think about it. Starring A.J. Miller, Brendan Hannigan and Phillip Edward Van Lear.


Ready to deliver news from outside, John visits his best buddy Joey who ends up already having the inside scoop on everything thanks to his jailbroken iPhone. Apparently, however, Joey missed one very important family event. Starring Joey Romaine and John Reynolds.

Agent Jack Richards has insecurities about fitting in as he goes undercover. Sensing he needs motivation, Special-Agent-In-Charge Ross reminds Jack of his really great violent-white-supremacist-gang-leader qualities. Starring Noah Gregoropoulos, Patrick Michael Kenney, Frank Leyden and Rico Palomino.

Own It! 


David's swan song as the Director of Marketing Communications at Fenwick High School is this recruitment video.
Conceptualized and written by: David Himmel
Produced by: Cultivate Studios and David Himmel


Featured Appearances & Performances

“Brothels, Chuck Berry and listener-dating: Author David Himmel is ‘The Last DJ’”


David joins Car Con Carne host James VanOsdol for a few delicious tacos from Turbo Taco to chat about David’s book The Last DJ. Also discussed: Breaking Bad’s one bad episode, the perils of of an office romance, Chicago taverns, and an unabashed love for radio, of course.

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"Morning News Mishap" with Sway Chicago on WGN Morning News


WGN asked us to write a song, making fun of the team. We performed it live on the WGN Morning News.
Lyrics by: David Himmel
Music by: Johnny Rodgers, Marcus White, Marvin Little and Stephen Biossat

Watch another original song spoofing the news. Again, these lyrics were written by the guy whose name is at the top of this site.


This American Life — Notes On Camp


In 1998, a lesser-unknown Ira Glass spent a few days at Lake of the Woods and Greenwoods camps where David had been a camper and was then a counselor. Ira bummed around with David during those days casually recording everything including David singing about Hitler's love life. This episode has become one of TAL's most-listened. The segment that features David begins about three minutes in.


Lessons Learned: A Skin Cancer Story — WGNTV


In 2014, David was diagnosed with skin cancer. He wrote about it and the story caught the attention of WGNTV producers. 


Radio Airchecks


Shits & Giggles

Guardian Angel


A young girl named Caroline tells a haunting tale of heroism and murder. 
Written by: David Himmel & Tommy Beardmore
Starring: Tommy Beardmore, David Himmel & Caroline
Backyard Adventure Club Productions


David Himmel for Mayor: "He's Just OK"


The first unfunded political ad for David Himmel's short-lived run for Mayor of Chicago in 2010.